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Request for Hip Certification

Why is Hip Certification important ?

There are 4 grades in 'a' system (same as SV in Germany) as follows

  • Normal (N)
  • Fast Normal (FN)
  • Noch Zugelassen (NZ)
  • Fail

If dogs gets pass grades (Normal, Fast Normal or Noch Zugelassen), they can breed. (There are more detailed set of criteria.)

If dogs gets fail grade, they cannot breed.

Please check Hip Certification at Xray Results.

How to request for Hip Certification ?

  1. The owner must be our member (If not, please see at Member Registration)
  2. Download Hip Certification Form at GSDAT-HipForm.pdf to get a signature of veterinarian (who take an x-ray) for ear tattoo number approval.
  3. Print and fill your data
  4. Send your dog (must be 1 year old or more) for an x-ray, veterinarian (who take an x-ray) check your dog's ear tattoo number and sign in your Hip Certification Form, and get your x-ray film back to us
  5. Send your documents (x-ray film, pedigree certificate and Hip Certification Form) to us
    • In case of going to our office, please send your documents and pay a fee (200 Baht per dog)
    • In case of not going to our office, please call our office during business hours (see telephone no. at About page) and send your documents and payment slip (200 Baht per dog) by post mail
      Bank Account Name: German Shepherd Dog Association of Thailand (สมาคมผู้เลี้ยงสุนัขพันธุ์เยอรมันเช็พเพอดแห่งประเทศไทย)
      KasikornThai Bank, Sanam Pao Branch, Savings Account
      Bank Account Number: 029-2-39583-3